Have you ever had a weird feeling in a room or space?

You can’t put your finger on it, but you know you have an uncomfortable feeling.

You look around and you think it could be the coloring in the room, or the furniture is not feeling good….it is something, but you just can’t find it.

You feel relief when you leave the space!

If this is your home, you have to endure this feeling. You don’t have a choice, right? I don’t know why it feels this way. Maybe I should buy a new sofa…or maybe get some tchotchkes from TJMaxx.

You get home with your new purchase and it didn’t help.

It feels hopeless…..you say…”maybe we should move!”


In comes ‘Sacred Geometry’…..sacred geometry sphere

Sacred Geometry has fascinated and intrigued me for years.

What is this mystic ‘Sacred Geometry’ mumbo-gumbo anyway??

In a nutshell, it involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything.


It is a concept that has its roots in ancient culture and has endured throughout the course of human history.

How did I start on this?? 

It is found in nature, music, sound, to name just a few areas.

Look at the bottom of a pinecone and you will see a spiraling that makes your jaw drop.

Start looking around at how plants and trees grow new branches.

There is a definite pattern that emerges.succulent

Look at the geometry of a wave.

How about the geometry of a human face?

Have you ever heard of the Golden ratio? – It is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.

The proportions of the human body are designed according to the Golden ratio number of 1.6.

A person’s height to the height of his/her navel is roughly 1.6

The length of your elbow to the tip of your longest finger divided by the length of your arm to your wrist is 1.6


Astounding, right?


The formation of musician sequences are another astonishing example of sacred geometry.

Why do we marvel at older architectural structures? The architects were well aware of sacred geometry and designed according to the natural laws.

These are the structures that endure and amaze us for centuries.

The Parthenon, the pyramids of Egypt, Chartres cathedral to name a few.

Artists over the eons knew of sacred geometry as well.

Just look at Leonardo DaVinci’s the Last Supper.  The Golden Ratio rectangle is the basis of this beauty.

It pleases the viewer and we don’t need to know why. We just KNOW that it is pleasing.davinci last supper


The cosmos itself!



I could go on and on…..it is such a wonder to look at life through this lens.

How does it pertain to interior design? 

 It is the core principles that govern good design.

Proportion, scale, balance, rhythm, emphasis, harmony and Unity.

The elements of design: texture, pattern, form(mass), space, light and color are the tools used by designers to execute the rules to create the best outcome.

Examples of a designer’s alchemy…

can of paint

Clients frequently want to use a saturated color they love in the 60% of the color guideline. It over-whelms the room. In fact, when you limit a bold color to just the 10%, the color is much more ‘alive’.

It appears counter-intuitive, however, the results do not lie!

Let’s talk about window treatments

The window treatment should account for 60% of the window.

If panels, they can be pulled off the glass to create a larger window appearance.


Bailey extra room

If a client wants just a valance, I suggest using blinds or another ‘undercoat’ to get to the 60% mark.

Have you ever seen a window treatment with just a valance? If not in proper proportions, it can look like a wig on a mannequin!

Remember these are just guidelines and sometimes rules can be broken to create an unexpected dynamic statement.

I strive to create an environment that truly wraps its arms around you. The space should emotionally give the participant the feeling that you have found your little corner of the world where you can just be you!

I would love to help you design your space! Check out my work in my portfolio section and give me a call!