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herbst piano room

The Natural Rule in Interior Designing

Have you ever had a weird feeling in a room or space? You can't put your finger on it, but you know you have an uncomfortable feeling. You look around and you think it could be the coloring in the room, or the furniture is not feeling...

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Chatham fireplace

Vignette Living

I was with a designer friend the other day and we were talking about our projects and the field of design in general. She made a comment that has stayed with me since we met. She said that clients are looking at design like it is a...

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interior design tools

Why Should You Use An Interior Designer?

Whether you are building a new home (custom or tract) or remodeling your current home, the endeavor can be challenging and daunting; and mistakes can be plentiful and costly. One of the secrets to having a successful experience (on-time, on-budget, finished project you love) is to...

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Keys to Accessorizing

In a world where anyone can find a plethora of accessories for their home, it is important to understanding the keys to accessorizing. Care and restraint should be applied. applied. We abide by the rule "Less is More" [Ludwig Mies van der Rohe]. Mies also said,...

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